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A wedge of apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream for your smelling pleasure. These are Lil' Bitez for your tart melters, sprinkled with real cinnamon. Fragrance is called Hot Apple Pie. More fragrances available upon request.

Price: 12 pieces = $5.95


These are strawberry delights for your smelling pleasure. They're heavily scented with strawberry preserves and whipped cream inbetween.You will love these scented delights for any room in the home.

Price: 6 pieces = $4.95


These delicious smelling chocolate chip cookies are like the real ones. Do not mistake these for real cookies and eat them. They are intended for the melter. Great, great fragrance.

Price: 6 pieces = $3.50 


This fragrance is chocolate covered cherries formed into the shape of a heart with bits of chocolate chips, drizzled with chocolate covered cherry fragrance. The aroma is fantastic.

Price: 8 pieces = $3.95


One dozen strong smelling, cinni minis for your tart melter. Just break them apart and put them into a melter. The fragrances come in cinn. stix, cinn. bun, and rolled cinn. bun. Drizzled in white frosting for your smelling pleasure.

Price: 12 = $3.95 


These are the mini chocolate chip cookies to be put in your tart melter. You would get 8 cookies at $3.95.


These are 2 ounce pop out cup tarts for your tart melter. They come in various fragrances; mulberry, blueberry, pumpkin souffle, biscotti, hot apple pie,black cherry, and kettle corn.

Price: $0.80 cents per pop out


These are large sized Break Apart Soy Tarts, highly scented, break one or two pieces in order to put them into your electric tart melter. Fragrances come in biscotti, kettle corn, orange clove, etc.

Price: $2.50 per pack


Gingerbread Cookies are highly scented for your electric tart melter. These are some of the fragrances; pumpkin pie spice, pumpkin souffle, homesteading, sweet yams, etc.

Price:  1 dozen gingerbread cookies at $4.50


Break Apart Soy Tarts, break one or two pieces in order to put them into your electric tart melter, smaller packaging. Basically, same idea as the larger ones. They're pop out, break apart.

Price: 1 packet = $1.50

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